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What material is the anti-multiplier plate?

Keywords:  What material is the anti-multiplier plate?

Anti-batch plate is made by combining colored paper and resin, and then being pressed under high temperature after continuous superposition of kraft paper.
1. The pressing of anti-multiplier plate needs to go through 150 ℃ high temperature.
It has good light resistance and high temperature resistance. It can be exposed to the sun for a long time without any shelter and aging deformation. The thickness standard is generally 0.7 mm to 25 mm, which can be selected according to different environments and needs;
2. The thickness of the anti-octave material is determined by the superimposed kraft paper.
When making, the more sheets of kraft paper are used, the thicker the thickness after pressing, and the stronger the abrasion resistance;
3. It is waterproof and corrosion resistant.

In addition to high temperature resistance, the anti-Beite plate also has moisture and corrosion resistance, and its surface is easy to clean.

Where is the anti-multiplier plate applicable?
1. Public places. Interior walls and counters of airports and financial institutions, partitions and partitions of public bathrooms and bathrooms.
2. School facilities. It is used for laboratory table, windproof wall, campus bench, dormitory wardrobe, etc.
3. Office and household. The operating desk and office table of various laboratories and communication institutions, as well as the bathroom, kitchen table, shelf and ceiling in the family.