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Differences between PVC film and melamine paper

Keywords:  Differences between PVC film and melamine paper

Painted panel furniture: Its substrate is "medium density fiberboard" (MDF for short), which is commonly used in the industry. The paint baking process is carried out on the substrate to form a paint baking door panel;
Panel furniture with veneer: There are two forms of veneer, one is to stick PVC film outside the density board, also known as blister, film pressure; One is to stick solid wood veneer on both sides of the density board, also known as solid wood veneer. But both of these substrates are density boards.
Melamine type panel furniture: Melamine materials are widely used in panel furniture, especially in the cabinet part of furniture. The cabinet body is made of melamine plates almost regardless of paint, film pressing or solid wood materials. The base material of melamine is "particle board", which is also called "solid wood particle board" in the industry. The melamine door panel is formed by pasting "melamine paper surface" on the front and back of the particle board.