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Melamine paper veneer PK solid wood veneer

Keywords:  Melamine paper veneer PK solid wood veneer

Melamine stickers have a very high affinity index, and the price is quite affordable. It is rich in color and pattern, and has no volatility after being soaked in melamine resin solution in the air, which makes the cabinet board not easy to deform, and has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance; The disadvantage is that the edge banding is easy to unglue, and the surface is only plane modeling can not do concave and convex effect. Suitable object: simple style with low requirements for beautiful appearance and low budget and less pursuit of practicality.
1. The finish shall be flat, comfortable, smooth and even in color
2. The sealing edge shall not be warped or leaked, and there shall be no pungent smell
3. Check the plate section to ensure that the base material is tight and thick
Solid wood veneer - the natural texture of solid wood can make up for your regret that you are afraid of expensive solid wood cabinets. It glues the natural wood veneer to the facing board of the base material. It looks no different from the solid wood cabinet, but the price is much cheaper. You can also choose the colors and textures of different tree species in order, and splice them into flowers; The disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean, and it is easy to deteriorate in too humid environment.
Suitable objects: like solid wood texture room environment, good lighting and ventilation conditions, non bottom or basement environment.
1. The corners are round and seamless, and the leather is applied to fit
2. Try to choose a big brand with guarantee, and the solid wood veneer cabinet is very craft oriented
3. The surface has clear wood grain, thick veneer, and natural knot color difference
Comparison summary: In terms of price, melamine paster is dominant, but compared with solid wood cabinets, solid wood veneer is also a more affordable choice; The solid wood veneer is difficult to maintain. The abrasion resistance, waterproof and high temperature resistance of the veneer is much worse than that of the melamine veneer. Consumers who are afraid of trouble are not recommended to choose the panel cabinet with solid wood veneer.